Think Bingo Review

Think bingo was started in 2004. One should appreciate their maintained popularity due to its fun & lively atmosphere in games & chat rooms, loyalty schemes & big jackpots.

Think bingo offers much more to their users than just playing, it’s a community with bingo focused forums & many chat rooms so one can gossip with other bingo buddies while playing there hilarious chat games and also letting the software’s auto daub system taking care of marking players bingo numbers. Think bingo review reveals that its really lovely experience to get all new friends and chat while playing with different players.

One gets first deposit bonus of £20 depositing £10.  And for further subsequent reload 50% bonus is given for depositing up to £50. Free bingo games are available to funded players only.

One can play traditional style 90 ball bingo cards and also American style 75 ball game. Whatever version one may be playing but one does not gets bored anyhow. Along with great chat games and other entertaining chat host, Think bingo features hundreds of winning bingo patterns.

One also gets chance to win £2000 on weekly basis on every Thursday. Also just registering can give users 1000 think points.

Think bingo offers its players something exciting and new on daily basis

  • Happy Mondays
  • Lotto Tuesdays
  • Quiz Wednesdays
  • Party Fridays
  • Hot clubs on Saturday & Sundays. (running until midnight)
  • And many more other special promotional offers.

Hot clubs guarantees £100 wins every half hour. Think bingo are very good due to all this variety online games offered by bingo.

The graphics is really good and they also have very effective layout according to the site. Other jackpot & promotional activities are very good. So over all rating by think bingo review by users are 4.5 out of 5.

According to many readers of the Think Bingo review, it is gone from one of the best online sites to one of the worst. Roomies and CMs are really good of think bingo. All the happenings and new up gradations on the site encourages players to visit regularly.