The Jackpotjoy Casino Battle

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Climb up that new link ladder – at half past the hour! You are guaranteed the prize money which will increase throughout he day. The JackPotJoy link games run every single day in the cloud, tiki, emerald, sapphire, diamond and bejeweled bingo rooms.

Spend 10p win from £100 to £150, to £200, £250 to £300 prize pool per game. Then, of course, there’s those £5K link games each day as well. For instance, between 7pm and 11pm each Friday, for just 25p you could score £1,000!

Then of course for your playing delight there are the £2,000 super jackpot games – £2,000 super jackpots are played each day and for just 10p a ticket too!

Free bingo – with these ones there is a guaranteed £500 given away – every day – for free! Free bingo games are held between 8.15am and 2.15am every single day of the week. Lots of games lots of prizes at JackPotJoy.

Did you hear about and/or participate in the £20,000 bingo guarantee games yet? No – well make sure you do as its so simple to do! All you need to do is to buy tickets for the selected bingo rooms between 7pm and 11pm each Thursday (during July) and you could be enjoying the £20,000 in bingo guarantees.

How do you discover which rooms to play in and exactly when to do so though? Again – simple. Log onto JackPotJoy, then click through to their bingo timetable.

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There’s a few points you need to know – so log on today!