Fancy a Game of 80 Ball Bingo?

Have you ever played a 90 ball bingo game and thought to yourself that the game dragged on a bit, or have you ever played a 75 ball bingo game and thought to yourself that the game just didn’t last for long enough? So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a game you could play that was kind of bang in the middle of the pair? Well if yes is your answer, then luckily for you there is such a game, but only on the best online bingo sites, one of which is Ladbrokes Bingo play it.

That would be the game of 80 ball bingo or 80 ball shutter board bingo as some online sites call it. This bingo style has got 5 more bingo balls in play then 75 ball bingo and 10 less than 90 ball bingo, so it doesn’t drag out or finish too quickly – how great is that!

We all know that the traditional 90 ball bingo play was the original gaming form and has got many different styles of game play to choose from, as well as the 75 ball bingo (which is basically the US version), so if those game plays have got variety, shouldn’t that mean that the 80 ball bingo play should have as well? Yes and that it do!

It offers the following gaming styles and more:

  • Double line
  • Horizontal line
  • Diagonal line
  • Vertical line
  • Big ‘X’
  • Letter patterns, etc…

Although it offers all of the above game patterns as well as the 90 ball and 75 ball bingo plays do; 80 ball bingo has a different way of playing the game and you can physically see the difference on their bingo tickets. Basically 80 ball bingo tickets are arranged into 4 different rows and 4 different columns, all of which has each of the following colours included:

Red/ Yellow/ Blue/ Silver

Every ticket will appear the same with all of the above included and there is only one way to win the game – by having all your tickets numbers called out and the shutters closed over them. If you’re lucky enough to get that far, you will be a winner, and maybe at Ladbrokes Bingo!