Bingo Lingo

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Bingo Lingo’? Well that little phrase is what bingo players alike call their playing terminology, you will even hear them now at many free bingo sites in UK – you know when you’re playing a game of bingo and the bingo caller shouts out a series of random phrases or words before actually saying the bingo ball number, well that is bingo lingo.

When you first heard the bingo caller call out a load of random phrases you probably thought that they were just doing that to make the game more fun with rhymes, but not all of them rhyme and some have a more meaningful purpose!

That’s not all though; there are many different lingo phrases that can be used for the same number, so these quirky sayings may differ from each site or each bingo caller. A few of those sayings are included in the following:

  1. – can be called ‘Kelly’s Eye’/ ‘Bingo Baby’/ At the Beginning’ or ‘Nelson’s Column’
  2. – can be called ‘Me and you’ / ‘Doctor Who’/ ‘One Little Duck’ or ‘Little Boy Blue’
  3. – can be called ‘You and Me’/ ‘Cup of Tea’ or ‘One Little Flea’
  4. – can be called ‘Bobby Moore’ or ‘Knock at the Door’
  5. – can be called ‘One Little Snake’ or ‘Man Alive
  6. – can be called ‘Chopsticks’/ ‘Tom’s Tricks’ or ‘Tom Mix’
  7. – can be called ‘Lucky Seven’/ ‘David Beckham’/ ‘One Little Crutch’ or ‘God’s in Heaven’
  8. – can be called ‘Garden Gate’ or ‘One Fat Lady’
  9. – can be called ‘Doctors Orders’
  10. – can be called ‘Tony’s Den”
  11. – can be called ‘Legs Eleven’
  12. – can be called ‘Monkey’s Cousin’/ ‘One and Two’ or ‘One Dozen’

These funny little phrases could simply go on forever, well all the way up to the number 90 which can be called ‘Top of the Shop’! But as bingo ages, the phrases change and become more modern – keeping up with the times basically, so there really is a point to all this funny business!