Bingo Party – Getting Started with Jackpotjoy

Bingo used to have an image that was associated with entertainment for the more elderly in the community.  Picture cold community halls, endless cups of tea and the “clickety-click, sixty six” catch-phrases of the callers.  But it was still a fun night out for many and gave them a chance to socialise, and the excitement of going home with some winnings in their pockets at the end of the evening.

The good news is that the game has been completely revolutionized since it went online.  Much more fun and loads more entertaining, plus with all the advantages of playing from the comfort of your own home, online bingo has given birth to a broader demographic of player.  If you are new to the world of online bingo, Jackpotjoy offers a great starting point for the novice.  Their website is designed to be user-friendly and ideal for introducing the beginner to everything on offer without confusing them!  So navigating around the site to discover your favourite bingo games in their collection, plus lots of new and colourful games to play, is as easy as … well, moving a mouse!

Here are a few hints to speed you up on your voyage of discovery:  

  • Take a look at Jackpotjoy’s Getting Started page, and explore the range of Bingo games on offer.  You might decide to go for a game that you’re familiar with – Jackpotjoy have one of the best online game collections, so there’s a great choice, which includes the classic 75 and 90 ball games, as well as their very own Bingo Royale with Babs Windsor (more of that later!)
  • If you’re spoilt for choice, try playing some of the demo games for starters, to identify your favourites.  That way there’s no cash to put down and you can pick the games that you most enjoy.
  • Not ready to make a cash commitment?  Jackpotjoy offer five free games daily, with £500 in guaranteed bingo jackpots given away every day.
  • If you are ready to go for the excitement of putting down a stake, then Jackpotjoy offer newcomers £35 to play on a deposit of £10, with a chance to win a big prize from the off.  Take a look at the jackpots up for grabs and you’ll see what the excitement is all about.  A sidebar gives you a guide to the jackpots that are ticking up against each game as more players join.
  • And for the big one – try Her Majesty Babs Windsor’s Bingo Royale, which qualifies for the welcome bonus of £35, and which you play just like the usual 90 ball game, but with chance to win a Royal Pardon jackpot or the Super Jackpot – which can be up to £25,000.

Whether you play for free or for higher stakes, online bingo with Jackpotjoy is designed to be fun, fast paced and exciting, with a whole new bingo community at your fingertips.

Loads of Jackpots at We Luv Bingo

What with a £5,000 guaranteed jackpot and a 400% (first) deposit bonus, included amongst the pluses of playing at We Luv Bingo – why play at other bingo sites when you can play here?

Players only need to buy 1 ticket too to participate – that is in the £5,000 jackpot! Do take as full advantage, as you can, in that first deposit 500% bonus too – minimum of £10 is needed.

There are loads of guaranteed jackpots, and other prizes, to be won every single week at We Luv too – log on to check out who exactly has been winning – and how much! Day by day there is always at least £200K grabbed by We Luv Bingo’s winning players. One recent day’s winning total was £228,448 to be exact.

A number of players scored well over £18,000, others grabbing themselves over £5,000, £4,000 and £3,000 while many players regularly win over £2K!

As for the special and regular promotions – always keep in mind that that We Luv Bingo hold over 100 guaranteed cash jackpot games every single week – guaranteed cash jackpot games where they actually give away thousands upon thousands of pounds £1’s – guaranteed!

There is also a healthy selection of great prizes available as well in their special promotions.

Its always a good time to play at We Luv Bingo but none better than the present – so log on and get chatting and winning!

If you are a newbie, don’t forget that you can collect 400% extra on your first deposit plus another 50% on each, and every, subsequent deposit as well.

There is of course that over £50,000 worth of special cash prize games each week at the site, including £5,000 whoppers Saturday evening.

You can also beat those Monday blues with thousands of extra bps, when you bingo on the coffee cup pattern in their 75 ball rooms – all day – every Monday!

Always those weekend tourneys always running – on top of those excellent special weekly promotions (keep your eyes out and fingers ready)!

Bingo Liners Extra Special Freerolls

Its always good value to get £s free from any online bingo site, especially so when you don’t need to either deposit or register a credit card – and that’s what you get (£20 actually) from Bingo Liner!

Mega Bingo this month is all about good prizes that absolutely must go. There’s at least £500 each evening, with as much as £1,000 up for grabs on Saturday evenings. Plus – of course – those extra special freerolls from Friday, 27 to Tuesday, 31 July to help celebrate the commencement of the London Olympics.

During that time period this month (27 to 31 July) instead of the one £500 prize game there will be a range of several prizes on the one nigh – from £50, to £100 to £200.

These special freeroll games will be held respectively at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. Whereas other evenings (whether it be the £500 or £1,000 game) all games will be conducted at 10pm as usual.

Do note too that all the games carry with them a £5k jackpot as well. Its also well worth you utilising the great bonus card deal that Mega Bingo has – the 10 free when you buy 10 which really means all your tickets are half price!

The Bingo Liner bingo schedule is the best way to check out what’s happening and when and how much games will cost you. Also, you are advised what offers are operating, what the reload bonuses (for all levels, be it silver, gold, platinum or diamond) are, amongst a host of other details and benefits!

If you want to participate in hourly or pattern specials utilise the bingo schedule at Bingo Liner to maximise your chances of winning and to ensure you don’t miss out.

Check out the free bingo available to you. As you may, or may not, know the free bingo games at Bingo Liner are played randomly during the day and are played as either 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games. They are played during the hours of noon and midnight so stay tuned for your share.

Diverse Games and Offers at Sun Bingo

Simply (1) create an account, (2) deposit just £10 and then, (3) start playing with £30 – that’s a 200% bonus!

Enjoy and benefit from the Wednesday prize pick, the 100 club (with its guaranteed cash prizes), or get tickets for the 2012 big summer game, play wonderland, refer a friend (and get an extra £10), maybe enjoy heaps of free bingo (play for free but win real cash prizes), and participate in session bingo and bogof bingo and heaps more of the diverse games and offers at Sun Bingo.

One of the things that the Wednesday prize pick is about is brightening up your week, by giving you chances to win a number, and variety, of fantastic prizes each Wednesday. Every hour one player in the lollipop chat room will be chosen to pick either a cash amount or a sealed box (containing a mystery cash prize). Log on and enjoy!

The 100 club is another great opportunity – it presents itself each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Its where you could win a guaranteed £100 prize for either 1 line, 2 lines or a FH. There is actually 3 chances to win yourself £100 in each game. Just pop along to the lollipop room between 1pm and 2pm on any of those three days of the week.

As for the session bingo, well gives you more for less! You get to experience all your favourite bingo games as never before with session bingo at Sun. It’s a cocktail of bingo 90, 80 and 75 in one exciting hour of pre bingo brilliance. Its fun – is easy – and its exciting to play.

You get to choose from four (4) great sessions – morning (10am to 11am), afternoon (3pm to 4pm), evening (7pm to 8pm) and a twilight session as well (11pm to 12am)! If you happen t play in all four sessions you’ll have a massive saving of over £30 in one day. Do the math and participate at Sun Bingo.

Exclusive Virgin Bingo Promotions

Necker Island, lucky numbers bingo, deal or no deal, Marrakesh – all great names, all great rooms – exclusive to Virgin Bingo.

Want a break – want permanent benefits? Well try your hand at Monopoly Plus (where you could become a tycoon and where you could permanently boost your payouts and unlock new ways to win in the board bonus with the level up feature).

So many first-rate promotions running now its hard to choose and you almost lose count of the number and the diversity of them.

There’s the (a) bingo welcome bonus (of course), the (b) buy 1, get 3 free, (c) Marrakesh promotions, the (d) Shanghai promotions, (e) winners night, (f) free bingo games, (g) Necker Island scratchcards, (h) penny Monday, (i) 20% Tuesday, (j) the prize night, (k) knock-out Thursday, (l) hundreds and thousands, (m) free and super Saturday – and much much more.

These are just some of the reasons why so many players tune into Virgin Bingo!

Another one of the many offers and promotions available is the regular and ever popular one tonne Wednesday offer. Every Wednesday you can claim up to £100 with the new 1 tonne Wednesday promotions. Log on and discover the benefits of this one.

Wednesday offers more though as it also boasts the Virgin Bingo prize night, Drop into the Shanghai room at 9pm to discover what you could win. Just log on, select the what’s hot tab and purchase your tickets. 90 ball games.

Tuesday is not a bad day either with that 20% back on your overall bingo losses. But every day is a good day for those vroom free bingo games or the freebee veebies in the veebie club.

But do brighten your day with those Necker Island scratchcard.

Note: on the 15th July you could be a winner, as they are giving away as much as £30,000 in cash. The games are on between 6pm and midnight and that £30,000 will be given away in cash prizes. There’s a whole host of different games involved, including 1tg, last chance saloon, bogof, roll on and penny bingo. Pop in and improve those winning chances!